You seen my parakeet

Tom, the town handy man was called on to install wall to wall carpeting for the mayor’s wife.

Arriving early, Tom spent all day installing the carpet.

Just as he was finishing, the mayor’s wife decided the carpet was the wrong color.

Arriving early the next day, he pulled up the old carpet and put down the new.

Again just as he was about to leave, the mayor’s wife came in and declared the nap of the carpet was all wrong.

The third day he arrived early again determined to lay the new carpet and get out of the house before the mayor’s wife could find something wrong with this carpet.

As he was rounding up his tools to go home he noticed a lump under the carpet in the middle of the living room. He felt his shirt pocket for his cigarettes, they were gone.

After spending three days carpeting the same house he was not about to take the carpet back up. Finding a two by four he pounded the lump smooth.

Carrying his tools back to his truck, Tom spotted his cigarettes on the seat of the truck at the same moment he heard the mayor’s wife say, “Have you seen my parakeet?”

Submitted by Curtis
Edited by Calamjo