Watch the Bear Traps

A man was going to the dentist to get some teeth pulled. The dentist was about to give the man some local anesthesia to numb the pain.

“Don’t give me any drugs doc, I can take the pain.” the man said.

The doctor pulled the first tooth out and the man just grunted. Then the doctor attempted to pull the second tooth, only this one snapped in half. But again the man just grunted. “Wow, that sure is a lot of pain just to grunt at, have you ever felt pain like that before?” asked the amazed dentist.

“Well, twice actually.” said the man, “The first time was when I was out in the woods and had to take a crap really bad. I pulled down my pants and jumped over this log. Just then a bear trap closed on my balls and I started running….”

“Damn that must have hurt.” the dentist interrupted. “What was the second time?”

“Oh, that would have been when the bear trap came to the end of it’s chain.”