Three Tough Jobs

A man was taking a walk one day when he passed a door with a sign on it that read : ” Brave man needed for a couple of simple tasks – $2000 ” The man thought to himself that this could be some easy money, so he went inside.

The owner explained that he had 3 simple tasks for the man:

1) Empty 2 crates of illegal imported whiskey – none may be taken with him.

2) Pull a rotten tooth of a blood crazed lion.

3) Make passionate love to a dumb blonde.

The man started right away on the 2 crates of whiskey. After a few hours he went to the room with the lion. All you could hear was the lion going mad and roaring. After about half an hour of screems and wrestling the man came back to the owner and asked “Where izz that blonde with a rottten toothhh??”