The Top 17 Prison Movies Starring Martha Stewart

17> You’ve Got Jail!

16> Gone With the Window Treatment

15> Desperately Seeking Souffle

14> Hang ‘Em High, Using Only Dried Flowers, a Plastic Milk Jug and a Glue Gun

13> My Big Fat Butch Cellmate

12> Out of Attica

11> The Seafoam and Ecru Faux-Finished Mile

10> The Longest Yard (of Imported Silk Gingham Fabric That Would Make a Delightful Throw Pillow)

9> The Seven-to-Ten Years Bitch

8> Shivving Miss Doily

7> Martha’s StrangeLunch, or How She Learned to Quit Worrying and Eat Both Her Soup and Her Dessert With the Same Spoon

6> Quiche of the Insider Woman

5> The Shawshank Redecoration

4> Midnight Espresso

3> How Martha Got Her Shiv Back

2> Cool Ham Soup

1> Date Breads in a Duffel Bag

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