The Top 15 Other Pete Rose Confessions

15> Although he never bet on the Reds, he did sometimes bet while *on* reds.

14> Actually earned the nickname “Charlie Hustle” while working the streets in Times Square.

13> Was once married to Britney Spears for 18 hours.

12> Enjoys sipping tea while listening to the comforting sounds of Zamfir.

11> Secretly believes the Fab Five on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” are gay.

10> Rose is really his middle name.

9> Before returning to his “Moe,” once tried a “Larry” hairstyle during spring training 1987.

8> During games, he’d pick his nose and wipe it on his uniform. The location of the booger told his bookie how to place his bet.

7> It was all an undercover operation to allow Pete to infiltrate secret Al-Qaeda sports-betting cells.

6> Stated that he never bet on the Reds to lose, but often bet on them not to win.

5> Once lost $100,000 in a beard-growing contest — to Marge Schott.

4> Lost a bundle betting Michael Jackson would stop after nose #3.

3> To increase his base-running speed, he replaced his humerus, ulna and radius bones with cork.

2> Once slid head-first into a Sizzler salad bar.

1> Faked an injury once so he could smuggle a gift box of chocolates into X-Ray to see which had coconut and which were caramel cremes.

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