The Top 13 Quotes From Animal Romance Novels (Part II)

13> Cynthia shivered with delight as her lover finally spoke those four words she had waited a lifetime to hear: “Who’s a pretty bird?”

12> With her passion sated, her breath returning and her love satisfied as it had never been before, there was nothing left for the black widow to do but to bite off and devour her lover’s head and go lay her eggs.

11> “Oink!” she snorted. It was just the word he needed to hear.

10> Elsie slowed deliberately, giving the grazing young bulls a languorous view of her asset — full, pink and pendulous. Her tail coyly swished, affording peek-a-boo glances irresistible to the randy nose-ringed, teats-and-grass trio. Oh, yes, there would be mounting tonight.

9> The leg bounced seductively, up and down, up and down — until Mr. Bojangles could no longer contain his passion.

8> Ed was a stud and he knew it. He liked to sow his oats and nothing could harness him. Intimate Relationship was his mane concern and he loved to stirrup romance. When he was going at it, he would pace himself. He didn’t stall. He knew his bit. Yes, Ed was a stud.

7> Every antenna went up when she entered the burrow. She was one millipede with legs that wouldn’t quit.

6> Heartbroken at Rex’s departure, Fifi threw herself to the ground next to their special tree. Suddenly, she smelled the most beautiful love letter she’d ever received. “Be of good cheer, my love,” said Rex’s urine. “I shall return.”

5> He was dashing and confident, with the strut of a lemming who was going places. She couldn’t help but follow.

4> The collie was torn between duty and pleasure. The look in the German shepherd’s eyes told her he would not tolerate another child-down-the-well interruption.

3> Their licking and stroking intensified, stoking a passion matched only by the outback desert heat, until Junior’s ill-timed emergence from his pouch quickly and awkwardly dampened their raging libidos.

2> “Was it good for you?” asked Smokey, casually stamping out his cigarette on the forest floor.

1> He spent what seemed to be hours gently caressing her with his antennae and playfully pinching her with his claws. For a king crab, he was a very unshellfish lover.

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