The Top 13 Indications Harry Potter Is Going Through Puberty

13> His broomstick has more bristles.12> His voice cracks more than Richard Harris’ ever did.11> Seems to be conjuring a lot of Kleenex lately.10> Uses the Cloak of Invisibility to hang out in girl’s locker room. 9> Opened the Chamber of Victoria’s Secrets. 8> Asks Moaning Myrtle if she would consider haunting the boys’ shower room. 7> Made his lightning-shaped forehead scar into a Grateful Dead tattoo. 6> Turned his owl into a Hooters waitress. 5> His voice cracks while casting a spell, causing it to rain naked Tracey Ullmans. 4> All that awful, awful poetry. 3> Last spell learned? “The Incantation of the Unscrambled Spice Channel.” 2> No longer invited to sleepovers at Neverland Castle. 1> “Erectius concealioso!”             [  The Top 5 List  ]             [   Copyright 2004 by Chris White    ]