The Real Cinderella Story

The story takes off where Cinderella just got yelled at by her step-mother, then her fairy godmother comes to her aid.

The fairy godmother says, “I can make you a new dress and give you everything you need to go to the ball… on two conditions!”
“Anything, ” says Cinderella, “anything!”

“Okay the first condition is you have to wear a diaphram. The second condition is you have to be back by 2:00 AM or else your diaphram will turn into a pumpkin,” says the fairy godmother.

So Cinderella goes to the ball and the fairy godmother just waits and waits and then it gets to be 2:00AM, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 and Cinderella’s still not back. Then Cinderella finally shows up and the fairy godmother is astonished as to Cinderella’s appearence… no pumpkin!

The godmother asks Cinderella who she was with for she had no idea of a man with such power.

Then Cinderella replies, “Peter, Peter something or other?”