The Miniskirt

One day, a blonde decided to wear her new miniskirt to work. She
takes the bus to work, but on this day, she couldn’t get on the
bus, because her skirt was too tight.

Finally, she reached back and unzipped her skirt a little bit.
She tried and tried again to get on the bus, but couldn’t. She
reached back and unzipped it a little more. She tried as hard as
she could, but still couldn’t get on. She reached back and
unzipped her skirt as far as it could go, but she still was not
able to step onto the bus.

Finally, a man behind her picked her up and put her on the first
step of the bus. The blonde was very mad. She turned around
quickly and asked him, “What gives you the right to touch me?”
The man replied, “Well, lady, since you’re the one reaching back
and unzipping my fly, I should say that gives me a great reason!”