The irresistable bet

a guy walks into a bar and meets up with a few friends.after a couple of shots of tequila, he stagers over to the bar and asks the barkeep for another shot of tequila and the bartender obliges,this goes on for about an hour or so.finially the man requests another,the barkeep says i gotta cut ya off youre way too intoxicated. the man assures the keeper hes just gettin started. ,he also replies i got a cab on the way 1 more for the road and again the keep serves up another round.the man asks the keep if he is a wagering kind of guy . the keep replies sure am!the man asks the keep to set his shot glass on the bar,which he does. staggering around and holding on to a patron he says i bet you 1,000 bucks i can piss in that there shot glass! barkeep says take three steps back and i will raise ya 500 to your 1,000,the man replies your on!he takes his steps back and gives it all he has ,pissin all over the bar ,a patron or two and never gets the first drop in the glass. giggling as he gladly pays his tab and his loss ,the keep says to the man you dont seem too broke up about loosin so much money,whats the deal? the man replies if you look just behind me those guys standing over there? i just bet them i could piss all over your bar and everyone around it and you would not do anything but laugh about it!