The Boy who loved to eat green jell-o

The boy who liked Jell-O

There once was a boy named Joe who loved to eat green Jell-O. On his 18th birthday his cake was made totally out of green Jell-O. His friend Billy Bob told Joe that if he ate the whole cake he would become a super-hero. Joe did this in hopes he could be like the power-puff-girls. When the cake was all gone Joe didn�t feel to good. Billy Bob told him if he jumped off a cliff his stomach wouldn�t hurt and since he was now a super-hero he could just fly around for a while. Joe thought this was really a sensible idea and wondered why he hadn�t thought of it himself.
Joe found a cliff and jumped off. To his surprise he couldn�t fly, he flapped his arms and everything else he�d seen birds do, but nothing seemed to work. Now he was terrified and he put his hands into prayer position and began to pray, �Our father who does art in heaven, Howard be your name�.� And on it went like that until he came to a thump.
He had landed in a lake, and in the lake where flying fish. Now Joe had a great idea, he would put a flying fish in each hand and have them fly him to the top of the cliff. He grabbed two fish and yelled, �Up, up, and away.� The fish wouldn�t fly, puzzled why the fish were lying there, gasping for air; he put the fish back in the water. Now he had to find a new way to the top.
When he had walked for about an hour he met a man selling donkeys. �Donkeys for only 1699.00 pesos!� Yelled the man. Joe was depressed they were so much, but he needed to get to the top of the cliff. �I only have $4000.00 in American money is that enough?� asked Joe. The man leaped for joy, handed Joe the donkey and ran away singing.
Now Joe had a donkey he jumped on it and kicked it�s sides. The donkey jumped and started running up the cliff. Now Joe had made another mistake and jumped on the donkey backwards and couldn�t see a tree branch sticking out of the side of the cliff. He was hit by the branch and fell to the ground unconscious.
When he awoke he heard his name being screamed. He stood up and yelled back, �I�m alright!� A man came running towards him, it was Billy Bob. �Joe, Joe are you O.K? Why didn�t you come back up to your party?� asked Billy Bob. �Well,� answered Joe, �I was stuck down here and couldn�t get back up.� At this point Billy Bob was rolling on the ground, laughing so hard. �You only fell 5feet! You also got caught on a branch and we heard you praying! It�s a good thing you went to a catholic school for 13 years!� Billy Bob laughed.