The Blind Date

Things a Guy Doesn’t want to hear his blind date say:I’m glad we have this date tonight. My boyfriend just got out of prison and I really didn’t want to be alone.Do you mind if we stop by the free clinic? I want to see if my test results are in.Before we go out we have to get the rules straight.Don’t worry, I’ve got the training sessions cut down to an hour if you’re a good boy and pay attention.That’s odd, you sounded handsome on the phone.Do you have to shine your bald spot or does that glare just happen?This is my first date since I was released from Bellevue. They think that schizo-paranoia thing was because of unresolved issue’s in my past lives. By the way, why do you keep calling me Mary?Turn here! That looks like my husbands car ahead.You look surprised. Didn’t you know I was a male impersonator.I’m sorry, something came up and I can’t make it, but I’ve arranged for my cousin Grunhilda to go out with you. Have you ever dated a female wrestler before?