Rabbit Intimate Relationship

Why don’t bunnies make noise when they have intimate relationship? Because they have cotton balls.

My Dog Intimate Relationship…

My Dog Intimate Relationship Everybody who has a dog calls him “Spot”, or “Blackie”, or “Fido”. I call mine Intimate Relationshipton. Over the years that got shortened to “Intimate...

Safe Intimate Relationship in Australia

What do you call safe intimate relationship in Australia? Marking an ‘X’ on the sheep that kick!!!!

intimate bunnys

Why cant you hear 2 rabbits making love? cause they have cotton balls

Bird intimate relationship

Have you heard about the man who did it with a parakeet? He contracted chirpes and the worst thing? It was untweetable.

Intimate Relationshipual Advisor

The drinker announced to the bartender, “It seems I’ve been informally named advisor on ‘Intimate Relationshipual Matters’ at my company.””That sounds interesting. Does this mean you’ll be counselling the...