White House Visitors

What do you call someone in the White House who is honest, ethical, intellectual, law abiding, and truthful? A tourist.

Bill’s Questions For The New White House Press Sec

* “Does cigar smoke bother you?” * “How many lies per minute can you type?” * “You wouldn’t ask a lot of questions if the President had to hide...

Sister Mary of the Conception Whore House

A man is driving down the highway on his way to a fast weekend in Las Vegas when he sees a roadsign which states, “Sister Mary of the Conception...

Your house is so raggedy

Your mama’s house is so raggedy, when I rang the door bell, the toilet flushed.

The Top 14 Things Overheard at the White House Thanksgiving Dinner

14> “And I would like to begin the annual Thanksgiving toast, Mr. President, by recounting the words of one of my favorite Jewish Country and Western songs…” 13> “Mr....

Cold house

Cold? Decorators have created a new interior decorating style, “modern igloo”.