The Top 12 Hillary Clinton Campaign Slogans

12> No Male Genital Organ = No Problems 11> Bitchy?!? You ain’t seen NOTHING yet! 10> I Won’t Screw *You*, Either 9> Help Wanted: Male interns 8> Hey, you’d...

Bill’s two favorite campaign promises

Q: What are Bill’s two favorite campaign promises? A: “The check is in your mouth” and “I won’t come in the mail.”

The Top 15 George W. Bush Campaign Slogans We’d Like to See

15> Elect Bush: Vote Nader 14> You Wouldn’t Want to Piss Off John Ashcroft, Would You? 13> Vote Bush — or Condoleezza Will Come and Spank You! 12> Behind...

Anti-War Campaign

All the women in Iraq have shaved off their pubic hair in protest… Their plackards say”Read our lips… no more Bush!”” “