Stop? Or Slow Down?

A police officer who was “sitting” at a stop sign, watched a man roll through the intersection without stopping. He pulled the driver over and requested to see the driver’s license and registration. The driver asked, “But officer, why’d you stop me?”

“Didn’t you see the stop sign back there?” the officer answered.

“You didn’t come to a full stop.”

“But I DID slow down,” replied the driver.

“But you didn’t STOP — it’s a stop sign,” the officer insisted.

“But I DID slow down,” the driver stubbornly argued.

“But it’s not a ‘slow down’ sign … it’s a STOP sign,” argued back the officer.

After going back and forth with this several times, the officer became agitated, grabbed the driver by the neck and dragged him out through the open window. He then began to kick him and beat him with his night stick.

After several kicks and whacks, and the driver’s panic-stricken screaming, the officer politely asked, “So do you want me to stop, or do you want me to slow down?”