One day a guy was walking down a street when all of the sudden
he got mugged. The gang that mugged him took everything even
his clothes. So he just sat down in the middle of the sidewalk
in all of his despair. Then the hottest chick he has ever seen
drives up in a ferrari and asks him if he would like a ride? Of
course he says yes so he walks over to the car and opens the
door once she sees that he absoloutely no clothes on she slams
the door shut and statrs to drive off. Once at ten mph she
notices something looks to her side and see’s that guy there
running right next to her so she speeds up to 20 he is still
there so up to 30 still there. This goes on till she gets to 60
mph. When she stops the car she asks “dang how can you run that
fast?” to which he replies “you could run that fast too if yuo
had your dick stuck in the door!”