Some funny signs

Seen on a Holiday Inn in Hyannis Mass-“Sleep with someone you know”Seen on barn in Hooper, Utah:”Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again!””Is there life after death? Trespass here will find out.”At a home cookin’ restaurant in Oklahoma:”The best piece of chicken you’ll ever get without being a rooster”On a BUMPER STICKER:I may be fatBut You’re Uglyand I can dietAt an ATM machine, the sign said, “If you are blind, please use the Braille keys”.Sign seen on a main road in downtown Baghdad:”NO BARKING HERE”(It turns out that the Iraqis pronounce their Ps as Bs;) A sign at a hospital for people with Hemorrhoids, reads:”All deliveries made in rear”I’ve been playing sign games since my dad got his first car in 1940. Recently I saw this one:Free wood for sale.On the I-5 North freeway in San Diego, the California Department of Transportation has kindly erected a sign for the nautically challenged:”Cruise Ships Use Airport Exit”There used to be a sign I’d see while driving down New York Avenue in D.C., but the facility isn’t there anymore; they must’ve moved.DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA SPAY/NEUTER CLINICDepartment of Human ServicesIn this building you can smoke every other day.Today you can’t smoke.