Shoulda Quit While…

A man and woman had a son but when he was born all he was was a head. The
doctors didn’t expect him to live very long. But the boy survived, so on his
eighteenth birthday his father took him out to a bar for a drink.
The father ordered his son a scotch and when the boy drank it, out popped an
arm. He was ecstatic so he drank another shot, and out popped another arm. Now
the boy was in glee, so he drank another shot, and out popped a torso. And so on
and so forth, until there was a whole body.

The boy was so happy that he ran out of the bar and into the street and got
hit by a truck, killing him instantly. A drunkard in the corner looked at the
father and said, “He shoulda quit while he was a head!”