Screwing Rooster

There was a farmer. He had alot of chickens but had no roosters.

So in order to get eggs he went and got a rooster. The man he got the rooster form told him that the rooster would screw everything in sight. But the farmer wanted the rooster anyway.

So he took it home and it screwed all the chickens. After a while it started screwing all the other farm animals.

So one day the farmer walked up to the rooster and said,”Ya better stop screwing everything or you will screw yourself to death!” But the rooster just kept on screwing.

One day the farmer was walking through the field, and he found the rooster laying on the ground with buzzards flying all around.

So he walked up to the rooster and said,”I told you you’d screw yourself to death!” then the rooster opened his eyes and said, – “SHUT-UP! I’m trying to get them to land!”