Parrot with Attached Strings

This lady was throwing a party and had this very vulgar parrot
and she wanted to do something with it so she could make sure it
would not embarass her.

Well she took it to a local pet store and the owner said tell ya
what you leave it here for one week and I will fix everything.

One week later the lady comes back and her parrot has a string
attached to each one of its legs and the woman asks, “What are
those strings for” and the owner replied, “Well, pull one.” So
the lady pulls the first string and the parrot says, “Good day
ma’am” the lady pulls the second string and again the parrot
replies, “Good afternoon sir”

The lady was amazed so she askes the owner, “Well, what happens
if I pull both strings at once?”

The parrot replies, “I’ll fall on my ass you stupid bitch!”