Mrs Hamburger Head

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Hi this is true, some time ago when my daughter Stephanie was 4 years old
and it was winter near Christmas, setting the scene as it gets dark early.

I had taken her to the doctor and when we got out of the doctors it was dark already. I got her a happy meal from McDonalds to keep her quiet because I had and errand to run before going home. No seat belts then.

She was standing in the back seat patting the back of my head and I kept telling her to sit down and eat her hamburger. She finally told me she was finished.

It was dark so I couldnt see what she was doing.

We went into a hardware store and people kept looking at me and smirking like ‘lady there is something wrong with you and we are not going to tell you what.’

I felt uncomfortable finshed my purchase as quickly as possible. .

Even leaning over to write a
check. The cashier snickered and looked away. Finally we were out of the store and I dropped my keys and as I bent over to pick them up, her
hamburger fell out of my wig on the sidewalk.

I couldnt feel it because I had a wig on.

Thats what she was doing on the ride to the store putting the hamburger in my wig so nicely patting me on the head.

I was so embarrassed I didnt go to that store for a long time.

My friends called me Mrs Hamburglerhead for awhile. We still go to Mc Donalds tho.

Carol D., St Paul Mn.