Meeting the Irish Ma

A young Irish lad had fallen in love with a girl and felt the relationship had
gone far enough to take her home to meet his family.
So, one fine Sunday evening the lad, his lady friend and the rest of the
family (17 or so people) were gathered around the dining room table.
The matriarch or the family asked the girlfriend, “So, tell me, lass, what is
your occupation?”
The girl hesitated and said, “Well, Mrs. O’Malley, I’m a prostitute.”
Immediately the lad’s mother fainted and was surrounded by a dozen family
members who splashed her face with water. Finally, she regained consciousness,
returned to her seat. Soon, the family calmed down and resumed the meal.
At that point, the mother asked again, “Forgive me, diaries. I don’t think I
heard you correctly…. what is your occupation?”
Again the girl answered, “Mrs. O’Malley, I’m a prostitute.”
The mother laughed and said, “Oh my, diaries, for a moment there I thought you
said you were a Protestant!”