Major Misunderstanding

A guy walks into a bar and sees a jar full of money on the
counter. Natrally the guy asks the bartender ‘That money couldnt
have possibly been collected in tips, whats it there for?’
so the bartender explains ‘well in this jar is $5,000 in cash
and i am willing to give it up if someone will take on a dare i
propose to them.’
so the guy say says ‘well whut is the dare?’
the bartender smirks and explains ‘well u see that huge, burley,
monster of a man?’ the guy nods-
-the bartender says ‘you have to knock him out cold in one
swing, and you see that door in the back of this bar?’
the guy nods while the bartender continues ‘behind that door is
a pitbull, you gotta reach in her mouth and pull out her gold
tooth, and u see the old woman sitting on that park bench across
the street?’ the guys nods again-bartender says ‘she is 93 and a
virgin , u must have intimate relationship with her’
so the guys sits for about 10minutes thinking this dare over and
in the end thinks what the heck – ill take the dare, i need the
money anyway.
so he goes up to the gigantic man and knocks him out cold ,
one punch to the head. then he goes to the back of the bar opens
the door goes in, and closes it. for at least 30 minutes the
rest of the bar hears loud squealing and yelping from the
pitbull and moans and groans from the guy. Finally the guy comes
out looks at the bartender and says ‘ok so wheres the old lady
with the gold tooth?’