It’s World War II and everyone is dug in to…

It’s World War II and everyone is dug in to a foxhole. The private goes up
to his Sargeant and tells him he has to take a shit really bad. The Sarge
tells him that they will be here for a long time and not to do it because
of the smell.

The private asks what should he do, and the Sarge says go to that foxhole
over there and we will all cover you.

The private dives in just as bullets wiz over
his head. Two days later the sarge wonders where the private has gone. All
of a sudden he appears with a smile on his face. He tells the sargeant of
his adventures in the other foxhole. “I met the most incredible girl in the
other foxhole. We had intimate relationship in Every position know to man …missionary…
doggie style…etc.”

The sargent asked “Did she give you head?”.

And the private said, “Head…. no she didn’t have a head.”