Ironic News

What do you call it when something happens that’s the exact opposite of what you’d expect? We know there’s a word for it, but, ironically, we can’t think of it right now. Anyway, there seems to be a whole lot of it popping up in the news these days. See for yourself:

AmeriDebt has filed for bankruptcy.

The forest where Smokey the Bear was found in 1950 has gone up in flames.

At Woodlawn High School in Woodlawn, Md., two people were arrested and 11 students were suspended when a brawl broke out during an anger management assembly.

The National Weather Service postponed a tornado drill in Florida because of bad weather.

A meeting to decide if the town of Deal, England, needs a larger school was post-poned because the school was too small to hold the people who wanted to attend the meeting.