How hard is it to burry yo mother in law in Isreal?

There was once a couple who were traveling for the hollidays to Jerusalem, Isreal. Well they had to bring along the man’s mother in law. Well they were there for about a couple of weeks and the mother in law died in her bed. Well being the man, the man went to the US counslit on Isreal and said…. Man: I want to send a dead body to the US to have a proper barriel on here country. US Counslit: Well that’ll be really expensive and it’ll be hard to pay the bills. Man: Well how much will it be? US Counslit: $50,000 but only $1500 to burry her in Isreal. Man: No i really need her in the states and not her!!!! US Counslit: Why? Man: Because i dont want her burried here! US Counslit: Why dont you want her burried her? Man: Well, there was a man here before and after burried for 3 day he rised from the died! I couldn’t hadle that espceilly because she is my MOTHER IN LAW!!!!!!!!