Guy talking to a horse

This guy walks into a bar and he sees this sign saying 100 dollars to make this horse laugh. So he goes up to bar tender and says i can make that horse laugh and he goes give it a shot. So the guy goes up and wispers something in the horses ear and the horse starts laughing. 2 week later the guy goes back in the bar and now theres a sign 250 dollars to make this horse cry. so he goes up to the bar tender and he said i can make this horse cry. so the guy asked aren’t you the one who made the horse laugh. The guy says yeah. So he goes can i take the horse outside so he says ya. so when the horse comes back in the horse is crying so he the guy got his 250 dollars. So the Bar tender said would you mind telling me how you made the horse laugh. he said for one thing i said i had a bigger dick than him. the bar tender said how did you make him cry he said i showed him.