Good Elephant

A rich guy was looking for excitement so he decided to put an ad
in the newspaper. The ad said, “I will give $10,000 to any
person that can make my elephant jump.”

So the next day, people came from all over the world to try to
get this elephant to jump. There were even hypnotists who tried,
but no one could get that elephant to jump.

Then a guy drives up in a blue Corvette and said, “Are you the
guy with the ad?” The rich guy replied yes. Then the guy asked,
“Is that your elephant?” “Yes.” The rich man replies. Then the
guy went back to his car.

He returned with a 2 by 4. He walked behind the elephant and hit
the elephant right in his balls! That elephant jumped a good 8
feet in the air. The rich guy, amazed, handed him the $10,000.
The guy then got in his Corvett and drove off.

The next week the rich guy decides to put another ad in the
paper. The ad said, “I will give anyone $20,000 to make my
elephant turn his head from side to side.” The man had seen his
elephant’s head move up and down but never from side to side.

People come from all over the world to try to get this elephant
to make his head turn from side to side. No one could do it.
When everyone left, the same guy in the same Corvett drives up.

He walked up to the elephant and said, “Do you remember me?” The
elephant nodded his head up and down. Then the man asked, “Do
you want me to do it again?” The elephant then shook his head
from side to side frantically.