Five Bucks

President French-Fry was out jogging when a hooker standing on the corner
hailed him.

“Hey Mr. President! Fifty bucks!”

“No, no.” Bill replied with a grin, “Five bucks!” and kept on jogging.

This exchange soon became a part of the President’s normal routine. Each day
as he’d approach the corner, the hooker would yell out, “Hey Mr.
President…Fifty Bucks!” and Bill would holler back, “No, Five Bucks!”

Well, one day, Hillary decided she wanted to go jogging with Bill.

As they neared the corner, Bill suddenly realized what a terrible scene was
about to happen.

Sure enough, there was the hooker, and just like all the other times she
smiled and waved and yelled out, “Hey Mr. President…See what you get for Five