Farmer from Western

There once was a farmer from Western Pennyslvainia who died and went to hell. The devil put him in the stone yard. The devil came back the next day and asked, “How was your first day in hell?” he replied”…ok…. but could you get me a blanket?” The devil was insulted. So he turned the thermastat to 150 degrees F. So the next day, the farmer replies, ” It was just like workin on the feilds.” So the devil turned it up to 250 F. The next day, the devil asked him how he was and again he said he was fine. So, the devil thought to himself,”I’m smart…..This guy just doesn’t mind the heat,” So he turned it down to -100 F. The next day, on the devils visit, he saw that the farmer was dancing in the snow.” What is up with u?” The Farmer said..”It’s a cold day in hell…the EGALS MUST HAVE WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”