Ducks at the Bar

One rainy day, a duck walks into a bar with a cheeky grin
on his face. He orders a bottle of beer. The bartender asks,
“Why are you so happy?” The duck replies, “Oh, I’ve been in and
out of puddles all day.” The bartender gives him his beer.
Another duck walks in the bar. He has sweat all over him
and he’s panting like a crazy dog. He orders a glass of water.
The bartender asks him, “Why are you panting like that?” The
duck replies, “I’ve been jumping in and out of puddles all day
long.” The bartender gives him the water.
After the two ducks left, another duck walks in the bar
with a frown on her face. She orders a glass of wine. The
bartender asks her, “Why are you so sad?” The duck replies, “I’m