Czechs and Lawyers

A lawyer asked a Czechoslovakian friend of his to go hunting one day. While strolling thru the woods a grizzly bear attacked them. While the bear ate the Czech… the lawyer managed to escape. He ran to the forest rangers cabin.

After telling the ranger what had happenned… the ranger said… ‘You’ll have to go with me and identify the bear.’ The ranger grabbed his rifle and the lawyer followed him back into the woods. It didn’t take long to find the bear… but he was with a female bear at the time.

The ranger took aim… and asked the lawyer: ‘Which one is it… the male or the female?’.

The lawyer said the male. Then all of a sudden .. BANG! The female bear fell to the ground and died. The lawyer perplexed and confused asked the ranger: ‘Why did you shot the female? I said it was the male.’

To which the ranger replied: ‘Do you really expect me to believe: a “lawyer” saying… the Czech is in the male?’