This woman is driving into a small town and slams on the
brakes as a coyote runs across the road in front of her. Just
as she regains her wits and gets ready to proceed, a cowboy
runs right in front of her and catches the coyote by the hind
legs and starts screwing it. “Oh my God!” she exclaims and
drives into town to find the local law.

She sees the local sheriff’s car parked in front of the town
bar. “It figures,” she says as she storms inside. The first
thing she notices is an old, old man with a long white beard
sitting in the corner jacking-off. She runs up to the sheriff
who’s sitting at the bar with his drink.

“What kind of sick town are you running here?! I drive into
town and almost run over some cowboy sodomizing an animal…
and then… I come in here…. and see this old man in the
corner jacking-off right in public!?”

“Well, ma’am,” the sheriff slowly replies, “You don’t expect
him to catch a coyote at his age, do ya?”