Clinton addressing to students

Bill Clinton was visiting an elementary school one day to promote one of his
education bills. He was talking to a classroom of kids and asked them if they
knew what a tragedy is. One little boy said, “A tragedy would be if a school bus
full of kids ran off a road and everybody died�. Mr. Clinton responded, “No,
that would be an accident�. Shocked, the class was silent for a moment when a
bright young girl stood up and said, “A tragedy would be if all the teachers in
the world quit teaching�. Clinton thought for a moment and then said, “No, that
would be a great loss�. Finally another boy stood up and said, “A tragedy would
be if the President was in an airplane and it crashed and he died�. Clinton
smiled and said, “Good job, now that would be a tragedy. Can you explain to the
class why that would be a tragedy?” The little boy responded by saying, “Well,
it probably wouldn’t be an accident and it certainly wouldn’t be a great loss�.