Chocolate Melts In Your Mouth

Two men a white man and a hispanic man were driving down the
freeway when a black mans car swerved out of its lane and hit
the other car head on. All three men died on contact, and went
to hell. When they got there Satan told them that he would grab
their male genital organ, and if it melted they would stay in hell, if it
didnt they could go to heaven. First Satan grabbed the white
mans male genital organ and it melted, then he grabbed the asian mans male genital organ
and also it melted. Satan feeling pretty confident strutted
over to the black guy and grabbed his male genital organ, and held it, but
for some reason it didn’t melt, Satan feeling pretty pissed
asked why his male genital organ didn’t melt, the black man replied
“Chocolate melts in your mouth not in your hand, Sir”