chet the bird

One day a man went to a pet store to buy his wife a christmas
present. “Can i help you?” said the pet salesman. “yes I’m
looking for a bird for my wife for Christmas. She love birds.”
“I suggest this one sir, his name is chet when you stick a
lighter to his right foot he sings.” so the man stuck a lighter
under chets right foot. He started to sing “Jingle bells jingle
bells, jingle all the way…” When you stick a lighter under his
left for he sings a different song. So the man stuck a lighter
under chets left foot and he sang “Deck the hall with bows of
holly…” Wow said the man I’ll take him. Christmas came around
and the man gave chet to his wife. She listened to him sing
jingle bells and deck the halls. “Hun, I love him,” she said.
“But what happens when you put the lghter between both feet?” “I
dont know lets find out.” So they stuck the lighter between both
of his feet and he sang “Chets nuts roasting on an open fire…”