Car Accident

A blonde and a trucker man were in a terrible accident. The trucker man gets out of his truck and it is completeing demolished but her car was OK.So, he grabs a piece of chalk and draws a circle and graps the blonde and tells her to stay in the circle.

The trucker grabs a knife and rips the leather seats of her car he turns and looks at the blonde she is giggling

“Oh, you think thats funny”, “Yes, the blonde replies.”

So, he grabs a bat and smashes the windows in her car. “The blonde is laughing pretty hard now.” “Would, you stop laughing.She, continues to laugh.

The trucker grabs some gasoline pours it on the car and lights it on fire.
The blonde is laughing so hard now she is falling on the ground.”What is so damn funny”
the blonde replies “Everytime you turned around I stepped out of the circle.”