Broken Fingers

A man and a woman had just gotten married and the were at the
wedding reception. Now it was a family tradition on the bride’s
side to dance the first song with the best man. The groom was
alright with the idea so he let the best man dance with her.
Then suddleny, the song ended and then another song came on. The
groom just waited for it to be over but that song soon ended and
they were still dncing. The groom got so mad that he went right
up to the bride and kicked her betwen the legs!

The best man was so furious and he yelled at the groom, “I’ll
see you in court!” So all three of them went to court and the
judge asked the groom what had happened. The groom said, “They
kept on dancing and dancing and dancing until I got so pissed
that I kicked Ericka (the wife ) between the legs.” The judge
said, “Oooh! That’s gotta hurt!” Then the best man said,
“Yeah…I broke three fingers!”