Blind Firefighters Playing Golf

A clergy, a doctor and a lawyer were at their local country club for their
regular golf game.

Almost immediately they got behind a foursome who were very slow players.
They wandered aimlessly around the fairways looking for their balls,
whiffed shots and putted in all directions. The threesome could not play
through and finally waved down a marshal and explained that each hole took
20 minutes or more and asked if he could encourage the foursome to play at
a quicker pace.

The marshal replied by letting the threesome know that the men in front
were the four firefighters that rescued several club members from a recent
fire and as a result they had lost their eyesight. The club in recognition
of there heroic efforts had given them honorary memberships and were
asking fellow members to be patient when playing behind the firefighters.

The clergy responded by asking the marshal to let the men know that he
would include them in his prayers from the pulpit Sunday morning.

The doctor told the marshal to let the men know he would ask his eye
doctor associates to perform any exams free of charge.

The lawyer looked at the marshal and asked, “Why can they not just play at