Band Nerds

You are a band nerd when…

1. You can play about 4 instruments and look forward to practice.

2. You hang out with people who look half goth, half normal.

3. Your fingertips are calous, or your mouth is unusually strong.

4. You like pep band.

5. You know strange Italian terms, like sfz. rit. accel. pp. ff. mf. etc.

6. You can pronounce them.

7. You are seriously sunburned or mosquito bitten, or both.

8. Your feet and back ache like crazy the first week of marching band.

9. You have an unusual love of music.

10. You think the cheerleaders are off tempo.

11. Spit isn’t so disgusting.

12. You like at least one band no one has herd of.

13. You are in a band no one has heard of.

14. People think you are wierd.

15. You are wierd.

If you have any of these symptoms, contact me at 1-800-nerdalert-666-die (not a real phone number).

and oh, yeah… BAND RULES!!!!!!!!!