Aid’s or Alzheimer’s

A doctor called up a fellow and said, “Mr. Michaels I have some distressing news. As you know, your wife was in for some blood tests recently.”

The guy says, “Yes, that’s right. Is there anything wrong?”

“Well,” the doctor replies, “here’s the thing. There’s another women who came in for blood tests also and she has the exact same name as your wife.

Now, the problem is, I got the results of their tests and one of them has aids and the other has Alzheimer�s.”

“Oh, my God,” the man said, “what will I do, doc?”

“Well, I’ve been giving this some thought,” said the doctor, “and here’s what you do. Take her for a ride out in the country. When you get way out there, throw her out of the car and take off fast.

“Then what?” says the distraught man.

“Well…if she finds her way home, whatever you do, DON’T FUCK HER!”