A woman, three months pregnant was walking…

A woman, three months pregnant was walking by a bank when two robbers
emerged from the bank. The security guards and robbers exchanged gunfire
and the young woman was struck in the abdomen. At the hospital the doctors
concerned for the unborn children decided not to do surgery to remove the
bullets. 6
months later the woman gave birth to triplets. Two girls and a boy all
unharmed by
the bullets. Years went by without incident when one day near the childrens 16
birthday one of the girls when to her mother in tears. The mother asked what
problem was and she described that while going to the bathroom a bullet came
out of
her. The mother calmed her down and told her the story of the day she was
Shortly after that the second daughter emerged from the restroom and in
circumstances started the story about the bullet. The mother stopped her and
again explained the story to the second daughter. Suddenly the young boy
through the door screaming “MOM…MOM!!!”
The mother stopped him and said
“I know you were peeing and a bullet came out.” The boy hastily said “No I was
back jerking off and shot the dog!”