A Sunday Mouring Going Down

I�m am writing this little story in the day of the lives of Laura and Randy. It all started on a Sunday mourning, bright and early, with boredom. We decided to spend a fun filled day with all the luxuries of our lives. We decided to start the day with a ride on his Harley, witch we both enjoy the freedom of the road. We road for a couple of hours and a took a well needed rest, so then we decided to take a cruise on my boat, which we also enjoy, because of all the quiet and alone time, with no one else around, not even a phone. We cruised for around a hour or so and decided it was time to get something to eat, so we returned home and jumped in the explorer and headed down the road to get something to eat. Well we hit the road and came across a Rite Aide, and I decided to ask him to pull in and get me some Captain Morgans, and he did just that. As he left the liquor store he put my alcohol in the back of the explore, now my day seemed to be complete. So with all he did with me and for me, I took it upon myself to make his day complete too. So I began to play with all his emotions, an got quite carried away. The next thing I knew I heard a knock on the window and as I raised my head, I saw a Cop standing at the window, boy I couldn�t believe what was happening. As Randy�s eyes rolled back in his head, I didn�t know if he had seen the cop or was just enjoying the moment? Next thing I heard was the cop ask me to step out of the car, and as quick as I could pull myself back together I did what he asked. The next thing I new I was under arrest for pubic drinking. Holy Crape I thought to myself. The officer explained this was better the being arrested for soliciting. At this time I wasn�t for sure what was any better than the other, but I calmly held my composure. Than the cop looked in the back seat of the explorer and saw the bottle of liquor, and without thinking Randy responded you can buy liquor on Sunday. O�boy the cop asked Randy to step out of the car, as he placed the handcuffs on me. He informed Randy, he also was under arrest for trying to sell his girlfriend to an officer. I believe the cop misunderstood Randy�s response, and thought he offered let him lick-her on Sunday so the officer placed handcuffs on Randy, and charged him with pandering. Shit o Shit what did we get ourselves into on such a beautiful Sunday afternoon? He then placed both of us in the back of the police car. Without thinking I said this really SUCKS. Then you won�t believe what happened next. The cop charged me with attempted bribery, or in other words sucking up to an officer. I knew we both were done for at this time, but it doesn�t end there, I again without thinking responded boy did I stick a foot in my mouth. The officer at this time lowered his cheap sunglasses, and in amazement he laughed this crazy insane laugh I�ll never forget, believe that. He said to the both of us, I�m going to have to let you off on all charges, there was no way in hell he wanted to finish his police report ending with my statement, that I stuck 12 inches (a foot) in my mouth. So with a sigh of relief we got back in the explorer and went on our way. Let this story be a warning to anyone considering pubic drinking, don�t try it unless you can swallow 12 inches. And if you can swallow that you probably swallowed this story too.