A horse and chicken

On a farm the was a horse and a chicken who were friends. One
day they were mucking around on the farm in a paddock where
there was a big deep hole, which the horse fell into.

“Help me” neigh the horse.

“OK I’ll go get the farmer.” Clucked the chicken. And so the
chicken went to get the farmer but he could not be found. So he
went into the barn and got into the farmers new BMW and drove
out to the horse, put a rope around the horse and pulled him out
of the hole.

The next day not having learned the lesson the horse and the
chicken were playing near the hole again. But this time the
chicken fell in.

“Help me” clucked the chicken, but instead of running to get the
farmers car the horse lowered his cock into the hole and picked
up the chick.


If your hung like a horse you dont need a BMW to pick up chicks.