A blonde’s car breaks down, so she walks to…

A blonde’s car breaks down, so she walks to the nearest garage to look
for a phone, so that she can phone her mom.

The garage attendant eyes her up and down, winks and asks what he can do
for her.

She replies ” I need to use a phone, so that I can let my mom know that
my car has broken down”

“Sorry, love, no phone here” he says, then adds “….well, I might have
one through in the back office..” wink wink.

Gratefully she follows him through into a dingy room.
The man starts unbottoning his trousers and orders her to got down on her

She follows the instruction, and he waits rather anoyed with his pants
round his ankles.

“Go on then, “he says
She picks up his erection in her hands, brings it towards her mouth and says