3 holes

This man was walking to his house and saw a tornado and it was coming towards him and then it knocked down his house so he ran and ran and ran then he saw a farm house it looked pretty safe so he ran to it and asked the guy if he could stay there for the night and told him why not then the farmer showed him where he would be staying and said there just one rule he said dont stick your dick through thoes three holes so he said ok but he was curious that night so he stuck his dick though the first hole and said ooo this feels weird then stuck hus dick though the second hole and said ooo oohh this feels so good yes, but he still wanted to feel what was in the third hole so he stuck his dick in it and said aaahhhhhhhh fuckin bitchass mother fukin pice of shit aaaahhhhhh!!so he woke up the next morning to see the farmer hovering over him he said you stuck your dick through the three holes didn’t ya he said yes and so the farmer said i might as well tell ya what was in the three holes the fist one was my cows ass the second one was my wifes pussy and the third one was my meat grinder!!