2 dirty birds

This man is in church and hears his preacher telling about these 2 male birds he has that will hold the rosary beads and say prayers, so this man comes up to him after church and says”father I also have 2 female birds, but all they can say is “Hi where hookers wanna have some fun” .the preacher told the man to bring the 2 female birds over that night and they will place them in with the 2 male birds and try to teach the 2 female birds to pray, so that night he took the birds to the preachers house and sure enough the 2 male birds where in there cage holding the rosary beads and saying prayers, when they placed the 2 female birds in the cage they looked at the 2 male birds and went”hi where hookers wanna have some fun” ..the one male bird looks at the other male bird and said”lay the beads down Frank our prayers have been answered”