Two men in a bar are discussing their wives,…

Two men in a bar are discussing their wives, when one admitted he had killed
his that very morning.

“Why did you do it?” asked the other.

“She kept complaining about my bike in the garage. She said I alwyas left
it untidy.”

The second man said “You’re kidding me right? You didn’t really kill your
wife this morning?”

“I certainly did kill her this morning,” said the first, “Come with me,
and I’ll show you”.

With that the two of them left the bar and walked to a house, they went to
the garden, and there was a fresh mound of earth, with a woman’s ass
sticking out the top.

“Is that her?” asked the second man.

“Yes.” said the first.

“Why did you leave her ass sticking out like that?”

“Well, I needed somewhere to park my bike.”