The Rude Parrot

A man went to the pet store one day in the hopes of finding a
talking parrot. He looks around the store, and they have
everything, dogs, cats, turtles, even lizards. After wandering
around for a while he finds what appears to be the only parrot
in the store. He picks it up without a second thought and buys
it. As he is driving home the parrot is squawking and yelling
insults at him the whole way home. He gets home and trys
everything he can to get it to be quiet, he plays soft music,
talks nicely to it, reads stories, everything he can possibly
think of. The parrot is still cursing and squawking and being a
nuisance when the man finally loses his temper. He picks up the
bird and throws it into the freezer, where it lands among his
dinner and slams the door behind it. The bird is still making
noise and squawking around but after a few minutes it stops. The
man, worried that he has hurt it or killed it, quickly opens the
freezer and the parrot walks out onto his arm. The first thing
it says is, “Thank you so very much for letting me out of the
freezer.” The man, very puzzled, begins to ask the parrot why it
was being so polite when the parrot says, “May I ask what the
chicken did?”